To:                  Jim Melican, GSAC President

From:             Lisa Jacob, Project Manager, Collier County Pelican Bay Services Division

Subject:          Notice of Horizon Way Access for Clam Pass Project

Date:               December 11, 2020


Please be advised that starting on Monday, December 14, Collier County Pelican Bay Services Division will begin mobilizing equipment for a mechanical excavation project at Clam Pass. Work is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete. To bring equipment onto the beach and move to Clam Pass, there are two beach access points that can be used: Horizon Way from the south and Vanderbilt Beach Rd from the north. Because equipment is needed on both sides of the Pass, both access points will be utilized.


How does this project impact you?

On Monday morning, December 14 and possibly on Tuesday, December 15, our Contractor, TSI Disaster Recovery plans to bring several pieces of equipment onto the beach from the Horizon Way beach access point. The equipment will delivered to the parking lot, immediately unloaded, brought onto the beach through the pedestrian walkway on the northwest side, and for public safety purposes, escorted north to the project site at the Clam Pass inlet. Once the equipment arrives to Clam Pass, it will stay there for approximately two (2) weeks as the work is performed. Once work is complete, the Contractor may again need to remove some equipment from Horizon Way. As soon as we know, we will provide you with an update. Safety is our first priority and we will do our best to minimize disruption at Horizon Way and as the equipment travels south along the beach to the project site.


A project summary is below and plans and an aerial photo are attached. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us either by email at or by phone at 239- 597-1749. Thank you in advance and please forward this information to anyone I may have missed.


Clam Pass Project Summary Existing Conditions

The monitoring of inlet conditions over the past two months indicates high rates of sand accumulation at the south bank of the inlet and progressive channel migration northward. There has been persistent flow of sand from south side of the inlet since the sand placement at the Clam Pass Park last winter. Over the summer months wave energy from the south also accelerated the rate of sand inflow towards the inlet from the south. A limited maintenance excavation and grading was completed in April 2020 to mechanically bypass the sand accumulation at the south side of the inlet and restore the inlet channel to its design template. This helped restore tidal flow, but the sand has continued to encroach upon the inlet channel from the south pushing the channel to the north.


Proposed operational maintenance.

The proposed project is designed to provide mechanical bypassing and re-grading of accumulated sand and restoration of the inlet channel and banks similar to the April 2020 maintenance operation. The proposed limited maintenance work includes removal of the sand spit and re-grading the inlet entrance using mechanical equipment. The proposed excavation and grading areas are indicated in the attached construction plans. The plans show the proposed cut and fill areas overlaid on a current aerial photo taken on October 8, 2020. The approximate volume of sand to be relocated within the template is on the order of approximately 5,000 cubic yards.



Lisa Jacob, Project Manager

Pelican Bay Services Division

NOTE: Email Address Has Changed


801 Laurel Oak Drive, Suite 302, Naples, Florida 34108

Phone: 239.597.1749 Cell: 239.438.5239 Fax: 239.597.4502