By Pam Nicholls, GSAC Board Member
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The dredging of Wiggins Pass and Doctors Pass is underway and should conclude during the first week of April. The timeframe is dependent on equipment and weather conditions. The dredged sand from Doctors Pass will be relocated to the beach in the Lowdermilk Park area. A pipe will run from Doctors Pass to Lowdermilk Park and will be buried on the beach to allow for as much public use of the beach as possible. Approximately 25,700 cubic yards from Doctors Pass is expected to be removed.

Boaters are reminded to use extra caution navigating through the inlets and stay well away from dredging activities. Channel markers in the vicinity of the dredge may be temporarily removed and will be replaced when dredging is completed.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to Collier Coastal Zone Management at 239-252-2966, or