Located at the north end of Gulf Shore Boulevard, Seagate Beach is an important landmark for the GSAC neighborhood. It has served witness to several memorable events and has welcomed tourists showcasing the beauty of GSAC. However, amidst its beauty was an eyesore – a rotting entry sign that was begging to be replaced, not to mention the showers that were aging and frequently broken.

GSAC immediately requested Collier County Director of Parks and Recreation Barry Williams to address these concerns. Within weeks before his retirement, he was able to address this concern rapidly and efficiently. The signs and showers were replaced, restoring the beauty of Seagate Beach.

We thank Barry and his outstanding maintenance team with Rick Garby and Jeff Bell in the lead for doing such a great job. Their rapid response reverberates their utmost care for our neighborhood.

After committing to years of working for Collier County, Barry retired on May 2. And on this note, we also wish him a happy and healthy retirement. Our utmost gratitude for your dedication and exemplary service. Cheers to a new milestone!