Q. I saw that I might be able to claim a refund on my property taxes because I have not been able to occupy my unit owing to damage caused by Hurricane Ian. I also heard that I might be able to claim a loss on my federal tax return for the special assessments we’ve had to pay. Are either of these reports true?

A. According to Florida Statutes homeowners can apply for a tax refund from the County Appraiser’s Office if their property was deemed uninhabitable for at least 30 days due to Hurricane Ian. You don’t have to be a Florida resident to apply for this tax relief, but you must supply documentation to support your claim. You can find the guidelines for applying in A Florida Homeowner’s Guide for Property Tax Relief. The completed application, including required documentation, must be filed with the county property appraiser on or before April 3, 2023. Click here to download the application.

The Appraiser will calculate your refund amount after collecting 2022 taxes, but it could be as much as 25% of your annual property taxes (if your residence has been uninhabitable since September 28th) so it’s certainly worth your time to apply.

Readers should also consult with their personal federal tax advisor to determine whether they can take advantage of the loss sustained as a result of special assessments levied due to Hurricane Ian. Suppose the assessments you paid exceed your pro rata share of the association’s insurance recovery, and you otherwise meet IRS requirements. In that case, you may be able to claim the loss on your federal tax return.

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