By Stan Karpf, GSAC Board Member
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As GSAC members continue to put down new sod and plant new bushes, trees, and flowers our neighborhood looks more beautiful every day! Hurricane Ian is starting to seem like nothing more than a bad dream.

We recently met with Chad Merritt, City of Naples Park Recreation and Facilities Director to discuss the plan and timetable for restoring the GSBN median landscaping to their beauty prior to damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

As we expected from our very responsive city staff, we received good news. Work began several months ago repairing the irrigation system which is now ninety percent complete with the remainder to be completed shortly.

The medians will be replanted exactly as they were prior to the storm. Thankfully, this project will not require a landscape architect since the medians were redesigned and replanted in 2016 and the city still has the plans for reference.

The project will be put out to bid in two-to-three weeks and then will be put on the city council agenda shortly thereafter for approval. The city expects to commence planting new bushes in our medians on or about May 1st so that they may take advantage of the natural irrigation provided by the summer rains. The planting will begin at the north end of GSBN at the Seagate Beach Access and proceed south to Doctors Pass.

It is anticipated the project will be completed by late summer. Thank you Chad and your hard-working team, we appreciate you getting this done so quickly.