By Stan Karpf, GSAC Board Member
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Several years ago your GSAC Board of Directors received a number of complaints from its members that the Horizon Way Crosswalk posed a danger to those crossing Gulf Shore Blvd North at that location. Not only is it a busy location due to beach goers using the public access but the waterfall in the middle of the road creates a blind spot for  both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

After asking City leadership to place a flashing sign at this busy crosswalk they did so in 2017.

Unfortunately in September of last year the storm surge from Hurricane Ian severely damaged the electronics of the flashing light and it has not been operational since that time.

Your GSAC Board contacted Master Officer Jeff Perry our Community Police Officer and requested he assist us in getting this repaired.

Within a few days Officer Perry informed us a replacement light had been ordered and will be installed shortly. We are pleased to announce that walkers will soon be able to cross the street safely once again.

Thank you Officer Perry!