Dear City of Naples Community,

It has been 9 1/2 months since Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida and caused significant damage in the City of Naples. The iconic Naples Pier, a beloved landmark and symbol of beauty and leisure, was reduced to ruins. All forty of our beach accesses were torn apart, severing the connection between the community and our beautiful beaches. The hurricane spared no mercy on City facilities and parks, leaving many unusable for months. Vital utility pump stations were severely damaged, causing widespread disruption to essential services. The business and resident community, already reeling from the physical wreckage, faced the grim reality of significant economic losses. The road to recovery has been long and daunting, yet the strength and determination of the people of the City of Naples has shone brightly. With unwavering resolve, our City and community embarked on the arduous road to recovery, rebuilding our beloved city with resilience and fortitude. Much work has been completed to restore our community to pre-Ian conditions but much still lies ahead.

Below are updates from various departments that provide insights into our ongoing efforts to rebuild and recover, along with a glimpse of what lies ahead in the coming months. This detailed account highlights the concerted actions undertaken by each department as we work to restore our community’s vitality and offers a glimpse into the promising developments that await us on our path to recovery. We appreciate the ongoing support, collaboration, and patience of the entire community.

Jay Boodheshwar
City Manager