Ray Christman City Council Newsletter – Volume 11 – October 2023

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Welcome to the latest edition of my City Council newsletter.  Now that we are in the busy fall season, the pace has quickened for all of us, including City Council.

In this issue, I will focus, as I always try to do, on the most important substantive issues that Council has been addressing…issues that are important for you, our residents, to fully understand because of the impact on your lives. These include:

1.  The recently enacted 2023-24 City budget – what’s in it and why it’s the right budget for Naples at this time. (to read more, click here)

2.  Some straight talk about the Senate Bill 250 controversy and its impact on recent and future efforts to amend the city land development code. (to read more, click here)

3.  A report on key development projects underway in Naples and/or likely to come before the City for approvals in the next six months.  What’s on the horizon that you should know about?  (to read more, click here)

I hope you find this information useful.  Naples is increasingly facing complex and significant inter-related challenges, affected by intense growth in Collier County, climate and weather events, and redevelopment pressures within the city itself.  It is important that you, the residents, understand why certain decisions have been made by City Council and what actions might be occurring down the road.

If you have questions or comments on these or other issues, I welcome them.  Please email me at rchristman@naplesgov.com.  And visit my blog at raychristman.com where you can also access this and prior newsletters and other communications.

Thanks again for your concern and caring for our great community of Naples.

Ray Christman
Naples City Council
735 8th Street North
Naples, Florida 34102