By Officer Jeff Perry, Naples Police Department

As we approach the holiday season, the Naples Police Department shared a new police blotter to help you protect your friends and family. This report provides a list of events and arrests recorded by the police station for the month of October, giving the community a better idea of common crimes in the area. It should serve as a reminder to be vigilant of your surroundings and to take appropriate safety precautions to avoid becoming a victim.  

Below are the overall stats and brief info on the more noteworthy incidents. I also included crime prevention tips (***) after each incident.

140 – Directed Patrols
24 – Medical Emergencies
22 – Alarms
20 – Traffic Stops
12 – 911 Hang Ups
1- Burglary
1 – Fraud
1 – Fire

Auto Burglary: 
10/19/23 6-9pm. Horizon Way Beach End
– vehicle left unlocked by accident, upon return to vehicle discovered purse and wallet missing from under seat, no suspicious activity on cards.
*** Ensure vehicle locked, don’t leave valuables in vehicle.  ***

10/2/22 – 9/2/23. Gulfshore Blvd N.
– subject engaged in online dating with unknown female, subject wired large amounts of money to the female, subject never received money back.
*** Never wire money to strangers ***

10/26/23 – 4951 Gulfshore Blvd N.
– small fire most likely caused by power tools while remolding being conducted, property damage, no injuries. 

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