By Officer Jeff Perry, Naples Police Department

Here are some of the noteworthy cases the Naples Police Department encountered within and outside of Gulf Shore Boulevard North for November. I also included crime prevention tips (***) after each incident that will help the citizens avoid or deal with such crimes.

Sexual Harassment
11/20/2023 12:18 PM – Verdado Beach End
-Male suspect approached the female victim at the beach and exposed his genitals.
-NPD made the arrest of the subject.
***Due to victim calling NPD right away and providing a good visual description of the male, an arrest was made.

Bicycle Theft
11/5/2023-11/6/2023 – 3500 GSBN (Venetian Cove Club)
-Stolen tire from one bike on rack worth $200.
***Secure the entire bike if the tires are valuable. Keep your bike inside the shed or residence out of view.

Stolen Vehicle
11/6/2023 2:00 AM – Bollard Pl
-A 2021 Lincoln Mautilus was stolen, which was parked in a driveway with keys left inside.
-The suspect vehicle was identified, and we were on watch for it to return to the city.
-The stolen vehicle was abandoned in Lauderdale Lakes and was recovered by NPD.

Coastland Mall Shooting
11/27/2023 1:10 PM – Coastland Center Mall
-The victim dialed 911 and reported he had been shot.
-Detectives arrived at the scene and, through their investigation, identified the person of interest.
-The suspect admitted to shooting at Luaces twice from the driver’s seat through the front passenger window of his vehicle. He also claimed he was threatened and acted in self-defense and told detectives the firearm used was in the center console of his vehicle.
-NPD confirms the suspect has been arrested.

Naples High Incident
12/1/2023 1:38 PM – Naples High School
-Dispatchers with the Naples Police Department received a call on the agency’s administrative line indicating that there had been a shooting at Naples High School.
-NPD and CCSO responded immediately, and Collier County Public Schools put the school on lockdown.
-Law enforcement officers with both agencies conducted a thorough search of the campus and determined that there had been no shooting and everyone was safe.
-At 2:35 PM, the call was determined to be a hoax.