By Officer Jeff Perry, Naples Police Department

Here are some of the noteworthy cases the Naples Police Department encountered within and outside of Gulf Shore Boulevard North for December. I also included crime prevention tips (***) after each incident that will help the citizens avoid or deal with such crimes.


GSAC Neighborhood 

Burglary Not in Progress:

23-0010178                       3500 GSBN                                          5/1/23 – 11/27/23

  • Long time frame: May-Nov
  • Slider found unlocked and bed found disheveled.
  • Missing jewelry valued at over $16,000.

*** Ensure all windows and doors are locked to residence and ensure you can trust keyholders.  ***

Burglary in Progress:

23-0010639                       2900 GSBN                                                                          12/23/23

  • Vehicle owner discovered male subject in his car going through glovebox.
  • Owner confronted subject and pushing match ensued vehicle owner sustained minor injuries.
  • Subject fled area, NPD captured subject.
  • Confirmed identity of suspect and arrested.
  • Stolen property returned to owner.

*** Secure vehicle, call 911 immediately, get photo of subject if possible,  do not confront suspect(s) ***


Outside GSAC Area

Stolen Vehicles:

23-0010061                       626 Regatta Rd.                                                                 12/8/23

  • Vehicle left unlocked with keys inside.
  • Vehicle recovered in Delray Beach.
  • Subject ran on foot passenger apprehended 17 yrs old.
  • Vehicle damaged.

*** Never leave vehicle unlocked and keys inside no matter what neighborhood or how long away from vehicle *** 

23-00010091                     698 Regatta Rd.                                                                 12/8/23

  • Vehicle left unlocked with keys inside.
  • Recovery of stolen vehicle from Lauderhill Police department.
  • Vehicle processed from prints.


  • Chief Dominguez commends the outstanding teamwork both within the Naples Police Department and in conjunction with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.
  • On December 12, 2023, at 5:11pm, a victim reported their vehicle was burglarized at Fleischmann Park and a purse stolen containing credit cards. The victim reported fraudulent charges on their credit card shortly after the crime occurred.
  • During the investigation, video surveillance was utilized to determine the suspect vehicle was a white 2023 GMC Terrain. A county-wide BOLO was issued to all law enforcement by Naples Police for the suspect vehicle. At 6:24pm, Collier County deputies located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop at the 92 mile-marker of Alligator Alley. The two occupants of the vehicle, Javhon Calvin Whitehead and Patrick Ayton were returning to Broward County where they reside. Following further investigation, Whitehead and Ayton were placed under arrest for the following offenses: Burglary/Conveyance Not Occupied, F.S.S 810.02(4)(b); Grand Theft – $750 to less than $5,000, F.S.S 812.014(3)(c)1; Fraudulent Use of Personal Identification, F.S.S 817.568(2); Traveling Across County Lines to Commit Burglary, F.S.S. 843.22.
  • (Reference NPD CASE #23-0010233)