By Stan Karpf, GSAC Board Member
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Sea turtle nesting season is almost upon us and we would like to make you and your residents aware of the City of Naples Marine Turtle Protection Regulations and some simple ways you can help protect these vulnerable marine animals and their nesting environment. Sea turtles use our beaches for nesting between May 1 and October 31. Unfortunately, turtles face multiple threats from humans, such as light disorientation, ingestion of debris and plastic bags, and pollution.

Beachfront residents can contribute to the conservation of these animals and be in compliance with local protection rules by following these simple steps:

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights (i.e. landscape lighting, decorative and accent lighting).
  • Reposition, shield, or extinguish all lights that are visible from the beach.
  • Each night by 9:00 pm, remove furniture and other items from the beach and dunes.
  • Properly dispose of trash and discarded fishing gear.
  • Do not use flashlights (including cell phone flashlights), flash photography, or video equipment on the beach at night.
  • Close blinds and/or curtains to reduce the negative impacts of interior lighting.
  • Avoid unnecessary traffic near nest areas.
  • Report nest hazards that may affect nest safety.
  • Do not trim beach vegetation.

Please take this opportunity to review your beachfront property. To assist you in making your property compliant, attached are some helpful guidelines and informational flyers to post for your residents. If you have any questions regarding modifications and/or would like to schedule a lighting walk-through, please contact Monique Barnhart by phone or email [(239) 213-1001,]. We ask that you cooperate and support efforts to protect and save these endangered species. Without your help, they will not survive.

Learn more about Sea Turtles through the City of Naples.